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Tips & Tricks for Finding Quality Applicants on ToolBelt

Best practices for finding quality labor on ToolBelt

Description/Scope of Work:

  1. It is VERY important to indicate the skill level you are seeking for the project. If you are subbing out work and require only licensed contractors, indicate as such.  If you are looking for tradespeople and expect them to have experience doing certain tasks, spell that out. This will help eliminate unqualified contractors applying to your projects.

  2. Include the 3-4 primary tasks that will be required to successfully complete the project.

  3. Include the brand name of the material that will be used.

  4. If you are seeking a full-time employee, DO NOT write a job description. Write a scope of work that you would like applicants to be able to do. What does a day-in-the-life on your jobsite require? ToolBelt applicants DO NOT apply to lengthy position posts. There will be time to address company culture and benefits when you vet them. 

  5. If you are paying an hourly wage, depending on experience, outline that pay range in the description. “This project pays $22-$35 per hour, depending on experience.”


  1. The most important key to finding success posting projects on ToolBelt is to post FREQUENTLY. 

  2. We recommend posting projects on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These can be new projects every time or they can be re-posting of projects still seeking labor or re-posting of projects for which you know you will typically need labor.

Note: Be sure to change the project status of any old projects that you are reposting to Completed or Fully Staffed so that the work does become repetitive in the project list.

Getting Started:

  1. To ensure proper project posting, remember to title and date your spreadsheet and include your ToolBelt Account Email in the upper left corner.

Project Name:

  1. This is often a homeowner’s name, street name (avoid address for privacy) or job number. Use the same internal cataloging system you currently use.

  2. It is important to note the primary trade in the title so that you can catch the attention of applicants that are scrolling through hundreds of projects. It also helps you differentiate if you have several projects in different trades for the same homeowner.

Pay Structure:

  1. Piece Rate (labor only) or Labor & Materials pay structures are the most successful way to post projects on ToolBelt. You and your applicants come to the job site with the most clear understanding of expectations

  2. Open Bid pay structure will garner a wide range of bids. It is often used when posting in trades with pricing structures with which contractors are less familiar.


  1. This is a field that allows for the input of a single dollar amount. If you are offering a range of hourly pay, depending on experience, we recommend that you use the higher number to attract top talent and add the pay range, depending on experience, to the project description.

Crew Size:

  1. This field is only required if you are hiring hourly employees.

  2. We recommend adding 1-2 to that number to keep a robust pool of applicants applying to your projects.

Available for:

  1. We recommend posting your projects to Everyone so that the largest group of qualified applicants see your projects.

Now you have all the tips and tricks, attract just the right applicants to your jobs by posting your projects on ToolBelt. Post projects to find labor and hire crews.