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How to find work on ToolBelt?

You can find work in your preferred trades and in your backyard easily on ToolBelt.  You have the ability to Search Projects, allowing you to choose the Trades or Specialties you like to work in. You can also adjust to the Radius - Miles you are willing to drive for work. This makes finding and applying to your ideal Projects even easier. Remember you have an unlimited amount of applications, applying to projects is FREE and once you apply you can call and text the hiring manager.

  1. Open the Toolbelt app 
  2. Log in with email and password
  3. Click Find Work 
  4. Press the yellow Search button in the top right corner
  5. Choose Trades and Specialty 
  6. Choose Radius - Miles*
  7. Press yellow-lined Search button in the bottom left 
  8. Select your ideal Projects and Press Apply
  9. Call or text the hiring manager after you apply to show that you are eager to get to work.

Now that you have applied to all the projects that interest you, begin building your network of quality contractors for future opportunities.