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How do I find labor from my phone on ToolBelt?

Post projects to find labor and hire crews.

Attract just the right applicants to your jobs by posting your projects on ToolBelt.

Steps to Posting a Project on the mobile app:

  1. Open the ToolBelt App
  2. Press Find Labor button (person with a plus sign)
  3. Add Project title
    1. EX: location or customer last name and trade
  4. Select Trades and Specialties for the project
    1.  EX: Painting and Exterior 
  5. Add Project Description 
    1. EX:Experience level; Scope of work; First 15 minutes of talk on the job site
  6. Add Measurements; They will need to see size of the job. 
  7. Add Zip Code of the Project location 
  8. Select Start Time; When is the Project ready?
  9. Select Duration the Project is expected to take to complete?
  10. Select Pay Structure (Hourly, Piece Rate, Labor & Materials, Open Bid)
  11. Add any project photos or PDFs of plans

    Now That your project is posted, begin building your network of quality contractors.